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Book of Shadows

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I peak too
Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:17am

and I think we can say with certainty that it's pretty dead.

  • anyone still come here?Di, Sun Nov 7 5:45pm
    just curious. i know i peak in here now amd then but other then that i dont see much life
    • I come here every dayme, Sat Jun 4 10:50pm
      coz Book of Shadows is my home page. Miss you all so damn much. Hugs DD
    • I still like to pop inLouise, Sat Apr 30 9:54am
      Used to have such a good time here, I can't resist dropping by occasionally!! miss ya Di, hope you're well!!
    • could it really be that long? dunno if anyone remembers me... I remember di...ao...lacorraa... just saw those names... this was a bookmark on my old old old desktop that i'm cleaning up ... i had a... more
      • I remember you as well.A.O., Wed Jun 8 10:50am
        And it probably is at least close to ten years. I mean I was about 11-12 when we were at the old board, and this one must have been around since at least 2000. Geez, we're old! :)
      • I sure remember you!me, Sat Jun 4 10:48pm
        in fact I still read your stories. Great times uhu
      • ohp... no wow... i recognize all the names here...cool to see that people still pop in from time to time...
    • I pop inYoungest Halliwell, Sun Dec 5 9:38pm
      from time to time :)
      • Your story Lost CourageLauren, Fri Jun 20 8:26pm
        Hey there YH! I was wondering if you still had your story Lost Courage? I really wanna read it again, but the tomes isn't working. Could you send it to me via e-mail, please? Thanks!
    • I pop in...Hay, Sat Dec 4 3:37am
      Every now and then when I'm staring at my favourites list for inspiration/procrastination! :-)
    • I dome, Sun Nov 28 8:25pm
      I read a story every day...at naight, just before I go to bed, and I need new stories, that's why I think everybody should go back to writing.óż
    • I peak too — A.O., Sat Nov 13 5:17am
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