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Book of Shadows

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You're welcome!
Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:07pm


This is where the finished fiction goes and Di will upload it when she has time :)
As for Family Secrets, I don't know if this is the entire fic or if this is the one you mean. Is it?


  • Thanks!Lauren, Fri Apr 8 12:10pm
    Hi! Thanks! I found it. One other thing. I can't find the whole version of Family Secrets. Could you help me out, please? Also, where do I send finished Charmed fanfiction to be put up on the tomes?
    • You're welcome! — A.O., Sat Apr 16 4:07pm
      • Right fic, wrong versionLauren, Wed Jun 1 7:23pm
        Aloha! That is the right fic, wrong version. Thanks though for all your help!
      • Re: You're welcome!Lauren, Mon May 2 8:40pm
        That was the right fanfic, but not the whole thing. Thanks for the other link too.
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