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Witchlighter Confidential-Chapter 1
Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:40pm

DISC: We DO NOT own any of the chars from “Charmed.” They belong to CMB and Aaron Spelling. Anyone you don’t’ recognize I do own.


Piper is happily married to Leo. They have three

Wyatt: 18
Chris: 17
Melinda: 10

Phoebe is married to Coop and loving every minute of it.

Suki Patricia-12
Kiera Isabelle-6
Prudence Anne-3

Paige is happily married to Henry.

Savannah (Kawanaha) Marie-12
Going on 13
Julie Rose-7 going on 8
Sara Rachelle-3/almost four

“Witchlighter Confidential”

Chapter 1

Paige Mathews-Halliwell sighed as she orbed into the kitchen of Halliwell Manor.
Her older sister, Piper, along with her husband Leo and their three kids still resided there.
Her middle daughter, Julie, had slept over Piper’s house. She enjoyed having sleepovers with her cousin, Melinda, most of the time. Melinda was Julie’s age and the two got along for the most part.
Although Julie’s favorite cousin and best friend was Phoebe’s middle daughter, Suki, who was also her age.
As Paige materialized in the kitchen, she was about to call out who was there, when white orbs appeared in front of her.
They formed into the elder, Sandra, a minute later.
“Hey,” Paige greeted, “what’s up?”
“We need to talk about your next charge,” the elder informed her.
“Okay,” Paige replied.
“But not here, “ Sandra said, making the witch lighter even more confused, “come with me.” With that, she took Paige’s hand. They both left the Manor, appearing on the Golden Gate Bridge a minute later.
“So what’s this big secret about?” Paige asked. She pushed a strand of her auburn hair behind her right ear.
She had recently died it again due to personal preference.
Sandra regarded the youngest Halliwell sister for a few minutes before speaking.
“Your next charge must be kept a secret,” she started.
“Okay,” Paige said uncertainly, “why am I not liking the sound of this?”
“ Let me rephrase that. You must keep her origins a secret from your sisters until further notice.”
“Why?” Paige asked, “I’ve never kept anything from them before. Besides, I can’t lie to Piper. She catches me every time. And forget Phoebs. She’ll sense it right away.”
“You must,” Sandra insisted, “it’s imperative that they not know until the time is right.”
Paige sighed.
“Fine. Do I have to keep it from my girls too?”
“Yes. You must not tell them anything about her origins.”
“Okay, I promise. “ Paige said, making her signature promise sign with her fingers.
“Good,” Sandra replied. She smiled genuinely at Paige as she spoke the next few words, “Now that we have that taken care of, it’s time for you to find out about your new charge. She’s ten-years-old and she just came into her powers. She is special in that you are the only one who can handle her.”
“Why don’t I like the sound of that?” Paige asked rhetorically.
“Don’t’ worry, “ Sandra assured her, “Pearl is not hard to teach. She’s a sweet girl and she’ll be happy that you’re her teacher.”
“You act as though she already knows me,” Paige said.
“She does in a way,” Sandra said mysteriously.
“Cut it out with the cryptic crap,” Paige commanded. She regained control when Sandra raised her eyebrows. “I mean, I would appreciate it if you would tell me what’s going on. Please?” As an after thought she added, “Why can’t Pearl’s parents help her?”
“Like I told you earlier, you’re the only one who can handle her. And Pearl’s parents are too busy to help her. They have their own problems.”
Paige frowned at this.
“They’re too busy to help their own child?”
“Sadly, yes.”
“I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me where she’s from or who her parents are?” she asked, not really expecting a straight forward answer.
“As a matter of fact I am,” Sandra replied, surprising Paige, “her mother’s name is Prue.”
Paige felt as though her heart had skipped a few beats as Sandra’s answer registered in her mind.
“Pa-Pa-Prue? Pearl is Prue’s…I’m going to be training my…you’re giving me…”
Sandra nodded.
“I told them you were the perfect witch lighter for the job. Pearl has wanted to meet you for a long time.”
Paige nodded.
“Paige, I know this is a lot to take in,” Sandra said, ”but I have faith in you.”
“Where will she be staying?” Paige asked after she regained her voice.
“With you. She can stay at the Manor when you stay there, but she’ll be staying with you and Henry and your daughters for the most part. This way your sisters won’t become suspicious.”
“Does Pearl know that I know?” Paige asked.
“Yes,” Sandra replied. Then seeing the uncertainty in Paige’s brown eyes, she hastened to assure her, “You’re going to do fine.”
“Thanks,” Paige said, “when do I meet her?”
“IN a few days,” Sandra answered, “Savannah will bring her home from school.”
“Kawanaha’s gonna help with this?” she asked, referring to her eldest daughter.
The family had taken a few trips to Hawaii for vacation a few years ago. While there, they had learned the language and also how to say their names in Hawaiian. Paige also had a few charges from Hawaii, so she was pretty versed in the language.
Paige often called Savannah by her Hawaiian name as well as Sav for a nickname. It was a part of their bond.
“To answer your question,” Sandra began, “all of your children will help in a way. That includes Julie.”
“You know about Julie?” she asked.
Sandra nodded.
“She is a sweet girl. And don’t listen to your Grams. She’ll come around. I think you and Henry did a noble thing by adopting her.”
“Thank you,“ Paige said sincerely this time.
“You better get back to the Manor, hmm? Go now before you’re missed.”
“Okay,” Paige replied. She was about to orb away, but stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Paige, if you need anything or just wanna talk, I’m here,” Sandra told her.
“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” With that, she orbed away in a shower of white sparkles.
As she materialized in the living room of the Manor a few minutes later, her head began to spin with what ifs and unanswered questions. The one that took precedence over all the others was the one she was afraid to answer. How long would she be able to keep Pearl’s true origins a secret from Piper and Phoebe? She knew without a doubt that it wouldn’t be long before they found out. And if Piper found out Paige knew before her, the youngest sister was going to be in big trouble…

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