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Awakened-Paige Style Chapter 2!
Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:02pm

“Piper!” Paige cried. She caught her sister before she hit the ground. She lowered her gently to the ground and felt for a pulse. She thanked God and Patty when she found one. It wasn’t as strong as she would have liked, but it was there and that was all that mattered.
At the sound of her mother’s frantic shout, Prilla started to cry, sensing something was wrong.
“Shh, shh, it’s okay, sweetheart,” Paige tried to soothe her daughter, “Mommy’s gonna fix it. It’s okay…” Taking out her cell phone, she dialed 911. She explained to the operator what was going on. The operator assured her they were sending a unit to P3 right away.
While Paige waited, she stayed by Piper’s side, begging their mother to watch over her. She couldn’t lose Piper, she just couldn’t.
In no time at all, although it felt like centuries to Paige, the paramedics arrived.
“What relation are you?” One of them asked Paige.
“I’m her younger sister,” Paige replied. She picked a slightly calmer Prilla up and held her close. “Is she going to be okay?”
“It’s hard to tell,” the second paramedic, a female said honestly. “We have to get her in and examined before we know anything.”
“Can I ride with her?” Paige asked. “I have to be with her.”
“That’s fine,” the first paramedic said. “Jump in the back. I’m Mike, by the way.”
“Paige,” she replied.
“What’s her name?” Mike asked, gesturing to Piper.
“Piper,” Paige replied.
“Okay. Don’t worry, we’re gonna take good care of her,” Mike promised.
Paige nodded. She could tell Mike was telling the truth.
Glancing down at Prilla, Paige was relieved to find she was falling asleep. Paige guessed that the movement of the vehicle had caused her to fall asleep. She was grateful since it meant she had time to worry about Piper and think about what to do next. As if on auto pilot, Paige dug her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed Prue. She knew Phoebe had a few more minutes of class, so she could call her next. She also knew it would be easier for Phoebe to meet them at the hospital than Prue did since she was on a plane.
The minute the number went through, Paige remembered Prue wouldn’t be able to answer. Hitting the end button, Paige sent her a quick e-mail instead, praying she would get it sooner rather than later.
Once she was done, the youngest Halliwell turned her attention to Piper. Grabbing her hand in her free left one, Paige pleaded with her to hang on.
“Hang in there, Piper. We need you. I need you. You can’t leave us now. I love you.”
When they arrived at SFM, Paige was told to wait in chairs until the doctors were done examining Piper. She tried to fight back, but she got the feeling after a minute that it was no use. Besides, she had to wait for Prue to show up and she still had to call Phoebe.
Sighing to herself, Paige settled down in chairs with Prilla in her lap. She took comfort in her daughter’s steady breathing and her strawberry scented shampoo as she pulled her cell phone out and called Phoebe.
“Hi,” Phoebe answered a minute later.
“Phoebs, it’s me,” Paige said, trying to keep her voice steady.
“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Phoebe asked. She could tell something was wrong by the sound of her baby sister’s voice.
“Piper’s in the hospital,” she replied. “I had to call the paramedics after she fainted at the club.”
“You let her go to work!” Phoebe exclaimed without meaning to.
“You know how stubborn she is,” Paige countered.
“I know,” Phoebe sighed, “I’m sorry. I’m just worried. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Did you call Prue?”
“I sent her an e-mail,” Paige said. “Pheebs, I’m scared,” she admitted.
“I know. I am too. But Piper’s strong. She’ll be fine,” Phoebe assured her little sister.
Paige was about to say something else when her phone beeped through.
“Pheebs, I gotta go. I’m getting another call. I love you.”
“Love you too, sweetie.”
Paige sighed as she clicked the phone over.
“Paige, what’s going on?” Came Prue’s frantic tone.
“Prue, calm down. We’re at the hospital and Piper’s getting examined now. Phoebe’s on her way.”
“The hospital?” Prue asked. “Why did you have to take Piper to the hospital?”
“She passed out,” Paige replied.
“Okay. I’m on my way. I’ll see you in a little while.”
“Okay,” Paige said before hanging up. Sighing to herself, she glanced over and was surprised to see a little girl sitting next to her. She was sure she hadn’t been there before. Then again, maybe she had sat down while Paige had been on the phone.
“Why do you look so sad?” the little girl asked.
“My sister was just brought in and I don’t know what’s wrong with her,” Paige replied.
“She’ll be okay,” the child comforted. Her tone was full of so much confidence, Paige smiled a little. “The doctors are good at taking care of people. They helped me when I was really sick.”
Paige nodded.
“That’s good.” What’s your name?”
Kassie,” the little girl replied. “I like your name. It’s pretty.”
“Thanks,” Paige said. She glanced down and noticed the doll in Lassie’s hand. “So you like Mulan, huh?”
Kassie nodded.
“Yup. She’s my favorite! I love Ariel too, but Mulan’s cool because she can fight bad guys and win.”
Paige smiled. She had seen Mulan a few times and rather liked it herself. Her favorite character was Mushu, but she liked Mulan as well.
“Do you have a favorite song from Mulan?” Paige asked the child.
“I like Lesson #1 and Reflection,” she replied.
“Lesson #1 is cool,” Paige agreed. “So why are you here?”
“I’m waiting for my parents. My cousin, Erin, is sick. She ate something that made her tummy hurt.”
Paige nodded. She was about to say more, but was interrupted by a couple rushing over to them.
“Come on, Kiss,” the young woman beckoned, “it’s time to go.” She glanced up and that’s when she saw Paige. “Hi, I’m Rachel. Thanks for keeping Kassie company.”
“It was my pleasure,” Paige replied. “I’m Paige. Bye, Kassie.”
“Bye, Paige. I hope your sister feels better.” With that, the little girl left with her parents.
Now that Kassie was gone, Paige was forced to focus on Piper.
Glancing down to make sure Prilla was still asleep, Paige noticed Kassie had left Mulan on her chair. Figuring she would return her to her after she had gotten a report on Piper, Paige picked the doll up and slipped it in Prilla’s diaper bag.
Paige looked up in time to see Phoebe running towards her.
Phoebe reached Paige’s side in seconds. She gave her a hug before pulling back and searching her younger sister’s eyes for answers.
“Where’s Suki?” Paige asked, noticing Phoebe’s arms were empty.
“She’s with Coop,” Phoebe replied. “Have they told you anything yet?”
Paige shook her head.
Phoebe sat down beside her.
Just then, a female doctor approached them. She had a male colleague with her.
“Hi girls,” Dr. Milano greeted them warmly.
“How’s Piper?” Paige asked, not bothering to return the greeting. She knew Dr. Milano would understand. She had known all four girls since they were born.
“She’s stable for now,” Dr. Milano assured them. “But she’s not out of the woods yet. Which one of you was with her when she passed out?”
“I was,” Paige replied.
“Do you know what she was doing before she collapsed?” Dr. Milano asked kindly.
“Uh, she was unpacking some kind of exotic fruit,” Paige said as she tried to think back that far.
“Do you know what it was called?”
Paige racked her brains, trying to think.
“The name sounded like Keanu…”
“Quawano?” Dr. Milano asked hopefully.
“I think that was it,” Paige said, “yeah. That was definitely it.”
“Okay. That helps us to be able to treat her.”
“When can we see her?” Prue asked.
“In a little while,” Dr. Milano told them. “We need to run a few more tests. I’ll come and get you girls.” With that, she left to tend to her patient.
Paige noticed that the male doctor took a minute before following Dr. Milano. She also noticed how his eyes had lingered on her before he left.
Once Dr. Milano left, Prue rounded on Paige.
“Paige, how could you let this happen! I thought you were going to take care of her?”
“I didn’t let this happen,” Paige countered, trying to keep her voice from rising, “I was there with her when it happened. It’s not like I left her alone.”
“You guys….” Phoebe tried. She didn’t think Prue and Paige starting a fight in the middle of a public place was such a good idea.
“I knew you were too irresponsible to handle this,” Prue went on as though Phoebe hadn’t even spoken. “I should have just stayed home.”
Fortunately, before the fight could go any further, Dr. Milano joined them. She was alone this time, much to Paige’s relief.
“Can we see Piper now?” Paige asked hopefully.
“Yes,” Dr. Milano replied. “She’s very anxious to see all of you.”
“Did you find out what happened?” Prue asked as she followed Dr. Milano down the hallway with her sisters trailing behind.
“The tip Paige gave us about the fruit really helped,” Dr. Milano started. “It allowed us to treat her quickly and we were able to stop the infection from spreading. Piper is suffering from Auroya fever.”
“What’s that?” Paige asked.
“It’s a disease that comes from being bitten by a native fly that lives in the fruit. We noticed a bite on Piper’s left shoulder.”
“We noticed it too,” Prue assured her. “But we just thought it was a regular mosquito bite.”
Dr. Milano shook her head.
“I’m afraid not. We gave her antibiotics that will fight the infection, but she’ll have to remain here for at least a week. Maybe more.”
Paige frowned. She knew how much Piper hated hospitals. She and her sister shared that fear.
They had reached Piper’s temporary room.
“Why don’t you guys go inside,” Prue suggested. “I have some questions for Dr. Milano.”
“We wanna hear this too,” Paige insisted.
Prue glared at Paige, but the youngest sister didn’t back down.
“I’ll tell you what she tells me, I promise,” Prue said, hoping Paige would listen.
“Fine,” Paige huffed. She pushed open the door and disappeared inside.
“I’m gonna get something to drink,” Phoebe announced. “I’ll be back.”
Once her two sisters were gone, Prue turned her attention to Dr. Milano.
“What exactly are we dealing with here? Is it serious?”
“Yes, but we can treat it. We’ve only had a few cases of this disease come through our hospital recently, but we do know how to treat it.”
Prue nodded. She knew Piper was in good hands with Dr. Milano, but that didn’t stop her from worrying.


Meanwhile in Piper’s hospital room, Paige stood next to Piper’s bed, not sure what to do next. She had never been unsure around Piper before in her whole entire life.
“Paige?” Piper’s soft and tired voice met the youngest Halliwell’s ears, nearly making her jump.
“I’m right here,” she assured her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “You gave us quite a scare. Prue’s on the rampage.”
Piper smiled, despite the pain she was in.
“She’ll calm down once she knows I’m gonna be okay.”
“I’m not so sure this time,” Paige sighed, “she nearly bit my head off for asking a few questions.”
“I’ll talk her down,” Piper assured her baby sister. “Come here, my Missy Paige.”
Paige hesitated.
“I don’t wanna hurt you,” Paige said, her voice cracking a little. “I’ve already landed you here.” She added in a whisper.
Unfortunately, Paige hadn’t whispered low enough.
“Paige Lindsay Halliwell,” Piper said sternly, “come here.”
Paige recognized the tone in her older sister’s voice and decided to listen. She knew not to mess with her when she got this way.
Setting Prilla down next to Piper on her right, she made her way over to her.
When Paige was in touching range, Piper pulled her into her arms and put a hand through her hair.
“I want you to listen to me very carefully,” she said.
“Uh-huh,” Paige replied. She was fighting back tears and Piper could tell.
“This is not you’re fault,” she said firmly. “It’s mine. I’m the one who didn’t slow down when you told me to. I should have listened to you.”
“I should never have let you go to work.” Paige insisted, the tears stinging the back of her brown eyes. “I should have figured out a way to keep you at home. If I had then this never would have happened!”
“Missy Paige, you don’t know that. it’s not your fault. I don’t blame you.”
“That makes one of us,” a familiar voice stated from behind them.
“Prue, back off,” Piper ordered as she subconsciously pulled Paige closer protectively. “Paige did her best to keep me at home. You said it yourself, I’m stubborn when I’m sick. She came with me to make sure I didn’t over do it. I’ll be okay.”
“I think we should call Leo,” Phoebe said, speaking up for the first time since she had joined them.
“No,” Piper objected. “He’s out of our lives now.”
“I could try to heal you,” Paige offered.
“You’ve done enough,” Prue spat.
“Prue!” Piper admonished. She glared at her before turning her attention back to Paige. “While I appreciate the gesture, squirt, I don’t want you joining me because you’ve exhausted yourself. If the doctor’s methods don’t work in a timely fashion, I’ll consider it.”
“But Piper, if it works, then you can leave and…” Paige’s voice trailed off at the look on her sister’s face.
“Let’s just wait and see how Dr. Milano’s treatment works,” she said in a tone that left no room for argument. “Now I’m sure you guys have other places to be. Prue, why don’t you go back to…I mean why don’t you go to Bucklands, get your mind off things. And Phoebs, why don’t you go see Coop. And as for you, my Missy Paige…”
“We’re not leaving you!” Paige declared rather forcefully.
“I’ll be fine,” Piper assured her. “If I need anything, I’ll call for you. I promise.”
“Piper, I can’t just…” Paige’s voice trailed off as the tears she had worked so hard to hold back burst forth.
“Wordlessly, Piper held her arms out and Paige accepted her comfort.
Prue bit her words back. There was so much she wanted to say to Paige, but she knew it would just upset her more and she had a feeling that wouldn’t help right now.
“Please, let me stay,” Paige begged. “I don’t feel comfortable with you being here alone. I’m feeling guilty as it is.”
“Gee, I wonder why?” Piper said, sarcasm dripping from her words.
“Piper, please…” Paige pleaded.
“How about this,” Piper suggested, “why don’t you go home-“
“No!” Paige cried.
“Shh, listen to me,” Piper instructed kindly.
Paige forced herself to do so, even though she didn’t want to leave her sister.
“Why don’t you go home for a little bit, give Prilla dinner and a bath and then you can come back. I’m sure Phoebe will watch her for you.”
“Sure,” Phoebe offered.
“Besides, only one person can stay overnight anyway,” Piper reminded them.
“Piper, I don’t think that’s such a-“ Prue started, but was silenced by the glare her younger sister gave her.
“How does that sound?” Piper asked her baby sister.
“Okay,” Paige agreed, her tone still tearful.
“Aw, that’s my Missy Paige.” She gave Paige a hug and a kiss before hugging Prilla and giving her back to Paige.
Phoebe stepped forward next. She gave Piper a hug and about a million kisses.
“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!” she proclaimed in a baby voice.
Piper laughed, despite the pain she was in.
“I love you too, Phoebs,” she assured her. She pulled her close so she could whisper in her ear and added, “Keep an eye on Paige, please?”
“Done,” Phoebe said earnestly.
As the two sisters pulled away, Piper mouthed ‘I love you to both of them as Phoebe lead Paige out of the room.
Prue approached her and her anger completely melted away for the time being.
Piper softened a little as well. She knew Prue loved her and only wanted her to get better. It didn’t excuse the way she was treating Paige though.
Without a word, Prue wrapped her arms around Piper.
“I love you too,” Piper said. “But you need to lay off Paige. She didn’t do anything wrong. She tried her hardest to keep me home. I’m a stubborn one. You know that already.”
“I know. But she sho

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