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Book of Shadows

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Need Help Finding 2 Stories.....
Mon Jan 2, 2012 2:09pm

1. Phoebe was riding her bike and went around a corner to fast and fell of her bike and scraped herself up. Towards the end all the sister go on a bike ride and phoebe wants to race home and she goes around the same corner slower but still gets hurt.

2. The girls get kidnapped and dropped off in the middle of nowhere on a island. First it was Prue and then Piper and Phoebe together. On the boat Phoebe get knocked in the head with a gun and thrown into the water, Piper was able to swim her to the island with the help of Prue coming into the water a little. Their magic only works on some parts of the island. In one part where the girls are captured and brought together one of the henchmen took Phoebe and pushed her into a pit with lions at the bottom. Prue and Piper were able to get Phoebe out and the men got arrested and they got off the island.

    • Both mineDi, Sun Jul 8 10:11am
      Nr 2 is third times the charmed in my tome under series. its the second one to dangerous liaisons http://mysticaltome.topcities.com/Di/thirdtime.html first one cant for the life of me remember the... more
      • the tomes?Lauren, Fri Oct 3 1:20pm
        Hi! What's up with the tomes? I miss reading the stories!
    • I think I got nr 2. downA.O., Tue Jan 3 7:47am
      http://mysticaltome.topcities.com/Satan/satantome.html Npt sure about the other one though :)
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