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Book of Shadows

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Mystical Tomes 'Back' on Internet Archive
Sun Aug 2, 2015 7:46pm

Saw the MT site was down and a bunch of posts here with people asking about it. If it helps, you may be able to read a bunch of the old fics back by going to the Internet Archive (archives old versions of sites).


Hope this helps :)

    • I need help accessing MT archivesTina, Sun Feb 12 5:58pm
      I tried to use the link and I register and sign in but I don't know how to find the links to Mystical Tome
    • Re: Mystical Tomes 'Back' on Internet Archivequiquinha, Mon May 2 6:38am
      laura is there some website I can read your charmed fanfics?
    • I was so excited to see this, but unfortunately a lot of the links are dead :( Great idea though! I was hoping to read Youngest Halliwell's stuff again.
    • quiquinhafmlcrato, Wed Aug 26 3:34pm
      OMGGGG that makes me so happy! I'm a new charmed fan and I've been reading these fanfics a few months ago, they are the best ever. thank you
    • Thank you !!!! (nm)Val, Sat Aug 8 8:09pm
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