P-40K Flight Instruments
Thu Apr 12, 2007 09:02 (XFF:

I am trying to determine what flight instrumentation was available to P-40K pilots in the 1942-1943 timeframe. Specifically, what control instruments (attitude instrumentation or artificial horizon) were available to P-40K pilots to support safe night or instrument flight? I understand the P-40K had a basic attitude indicator, but old-timers have told me the only attitude info was the turn-and-slip (needle/ball) indicator. Additionally, if the P-40K had an attitude indicator, was it powered electrically or off engine vacuum? Finally, were there any known or common problems/failures associated with the P-40K's flight instrumentation? I'd appreciate any information you P-40 experts can shed on this matter. Thanks.

    • P-40K Flight InstrumentsJ.C.Seixas, Sat Apr 14 18:27
      Hi Jim, The information below came from the “Airplane Parts Catalog Army Models P-40K and P-40K-1 British Model Kittyhawk III (T.O.No.01-25CK-4)” dated September 10, 1943. Maybe it's a bit difficult... more
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