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Gene Folsom
Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection
Thu Apr 26, 2007 16:14 (XFF:

I am looking for any information and/or parts for a Lucas mechanical fuel injection system that would be compatable with the Rolls Royce engine used on some of the later models. I'm not certain what the later Merlin Powered P-40s used for the induction system, but evidently some of the British Spitfires and Hurricanes used a Lucas mechanical fuel injection system. I've looked around on the web and there are few references to the specifics, although several places mention its existance.
The tractor pulling and racing boat people talk about it some and I've posted this same question on several of those sites as well.
Can anyone help me find more details and parts on the system? I am considering using it or something like it on Jack Landree's replica that is depicted on this site under "P-40s Today/Replicas"

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