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Brad Hagen
Forum update news
Fri Jul 20, 2007 21:03 (XFF:

I will be updating from this forum to a different forum software hopefully sometime within the next month or two, depending on when I have time.

This forum has worked fine up until now, so far the only two real problems with it is it is complicated to post pictures and since this forum is free on the forum companies server after a certain number of posts the older posts will be dropped and if there is no activity for a certain time the forum can close down.

The new forum will be pretty much like most of the other forums that you are used to on other sites, it will require a registration to post, but it is really quick and painless. The plus side is the posts will always be there and it will be easy to post pictures, plus there will be a few different categories so hopefully it will be easier to find any information you are looking for. I will have a link to the old forum on the new form so any information on it can still be found, at least for a while.

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