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Brad Hagen
Re: details
Sat Jul 21, 2007 20:24 (XFF:

I never do trust drawings. A lot of the drawings that are on the site I didnít have when I did the review. Also, when I was doing a review I centered on some other areas I saw right away like the cockpit which of the time I was trying to figure out how much it was off, couldnít imagine they would screw that hooch as much as they did, as well as the markings, trying to find precise marking information for Pearl Harbor was a lot harder than I thought, in fact I didnít really find anything until well after the review. The horizontal tail surfaces arenít correct, I know there were some aftermarket elevators just about to be released, but that was years ago and havenít heard anything about them. Itís not correct along the hinge line. Of all of the aftermarket cockpits, only one of those was actually correct, will the corrections to the wing area affect the fit of that?

  • detailssagallacci, Sat Jul 21 10:13
    The issue with the kit is that the leading edge of the wing is set too close to the centerline of the fuselage. The three major results are that the upper wing fillet is compressed/reduced rather... more
    • Re: detailsVince M, Sat Aug 18 20:40
      I agree completely with the radiator exit fillet under the wing. It should be pretty much straight and taper inwards a little. Besides the wing chord taper isn't it straight even inboard of the... more
    • Re: details — Brad Hagen, Sat Jul 21 20:24
      • detailssagallacci, Sun Jul 22 11:12
        The correction I have in mind would include the cockpit floor/upper wing surface. If the other cockpit set was correct, it should fit right in. I don't recall exactly the tail plane issue, but I... more
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