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Brad Hagen
Re: Rubber diaphragm in P-40.
Tue Jul 24, 2007 18:38 (XFF:

Does it say where the diaphragm is? Kind of sounds like the fuel cells which were made out of a self-sealing rubber?

  • Rubber diaphragm in P-40.Central14, Tue Jul 24 02:46
    Hello. I have problem with rubber diaphragm. I have been read about this in manual for P-40 from 1943, and I donít know what it is rubber diaphragm. Maybe someone know what it is and where it is? I... more
    • Re: Rubber diaphragm in P-40. — Brad Hagen, Tue Jul 24 18:38
      • Re: Rubber diaphragm in P-40.Central14, Wed Jul 25 04:35
        Sorry for dimnes. This is manual: the "rubber diaphragm" is on 11 page, note 1. If someone know where is that diaphragm, and maybe have some... more
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