david reynolds
Mon Aug 20, 2007 06:15 (XFF:

I would love to get a copy of State of Division on DVD would be glad to pay you for it . Thanks David.

  • DVDVince M, Thu Aug 16 22:40
    All, Thanks for your interest. Please email to me if you are interested in a DVD. Thanks.
    • Re: DVD — david reynolds, Mon Aug 20 06:15
    • What is your email address?Stephen Auslender, Fri Aug 17 06:32
      Thank you for the offer but I cannot email you without knowing your email address. thanks, Stephen
      • Re: What is your email address?Vince M, Sat Aug 18 20:33
        Go to the very first post that I made about this and click on the blue "Vince M". That is a link to my email.
        • E-Maildavid reynolds, Mon Aug 20 06:18
          You can reach me at: reynoldsda@jccal.org. Thanks David.
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