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Help identifying P-40
Wed Sep 19, 2007 03:36 (XFF:


I'm trying to identify a P-40:

1. Does anyone know the landing gear wheel diameter? Would that be a unique value for a P-40?

2. Is there a small tank just forward of the cockpit bulkhead and behind the engine, mounted athwartships against the bulkhead, cylinder-shaped, with a raised round cap centered on top?

3. What is the width of the engine, from cylinder to cylinder? Is this engine used in any other a/c?

Are there any other distinct parts of a P-40 that would aid positive recognition?

Please email me if you have any ideas!



    • Re: Help identifying P-40Terry McGrady, Thu Sep 27 04:19
      Wheel Diameter for P40 up to N model was 30 inches. N-i and subsquent models were 27 inches , though the wheelwell opening diameter wasn't changed .
      • Re: Help identifying P-40Kepa, Thu Sep 27 14:54
        Hi Terry, Does that include the rubber wheel itself or just the metal rims? Thanks, Kepa
        • Re: Help identifying P-40Terry MGrady, Wed Oct 3 12:23
          Hi Kepa = the whole wheel incuding tyre . N-1 onwards were Alloy centres rather than steel as on previous models
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