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HB Bates
Brit/Tiger longnose “Hawks” use diff (square) seat then US
Sun Oct 7, 2007 17:02 (XFF:

British and Flying Tiger longnose “Hawks” use different (square back) seat then US longnose P40

Ok In been doing research for the last several years on longnose “Hawks” (P40b/c)
In prepping an article on this but I just found something very interesting …

In going over Flying Tiger & British Tomahawks photo I found they used a completely different seat and seat mount then the US P40b/c…

The US P40b/c use a round top stamped aluminum seat.... and are on a tube mount frame that curves at the top to mount to the rear bulkhead…

This is setup seen on all model kits and on all restored aircraft

But Flying Tiger & British Tomahawks wartime photos show a different seat and mount

While all the photo I found only show the seat and seat mount top above the cockpit sills they all show what looks to be a square back, square top, painted bucket that looks very much like the late P40 N “Square” seat or early Mustang seat…

The seat also is mounted on a “T” tube setup (A straight tube up with another short tube at a 90 degree mount to the rear bulkhead ) this looks to have some bungee cord setup hooked over the top of the “T” for seat support

I’ve never seen this documented anywhere but so far ever longnose “Hawks” photo I seen if you can see the seat setup shows the seat difference of British/Flying Tiger“Hawks” and US longnose P40

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