Terry McGrady
Re: Were they produced concurrently
Tue Oct 16, 2007 14:47 (XFF:

Hi Brad ,
The last Batch of 112 P40F-20 were produced in January 43 Serial numbers 41-119933-20044.
Production of the P40L-1 commenced in January 1943 50 A/C
L-5 January- Feb 43 220 A/C
L-10 Feb - March 43 - 148 A/C
L-15 March- April 43- 112 A/C
L-20 April 43 170 A/C
53 L-20s were fitted with Allison Engines of the P40M and used for training owing to general shortage of Packard Merln engines for Curtiss and were classed as P40R-2

  • Were they produced concurrentlyBrad, Tue Oct 16 07:21
    Thanks for the answer, I assume that those L's were part of the first production block, basically being identical to the F-5 block. I'm somewhat curious about whether they and the F's were being... more
    • The Ls used by RAF wereTerry McGrady, Wed Oct 17 16:00
      L-5CU and L-10 CU 55 were actualy used by 3 RAAF the remaing 45 were kept in reserve and later passed on to the French in March 45 along with survivors of other F and Ls used by RAF
    • Re: Were they produced concurrently — Terry McGrady, Tue Oct 16 14:47
      • Thanks!Brad, Wed Oct 17 07:20
        Hi Terry, Thanks for the info! What source are you using? I've got to buy it, whatever it is! Brad
        • Re: Thanks!Terry McGrady, Wed Oct 17 12:23
          Well I got my info from private sources then I got the book P40 Warhawk in Detail which has the same info more or less. Not a bad reference to get . ISBN 1-888974-15-X
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