11th FS P-40E
Tue Oct 30, 2007 14:25 (XFF:

Hi, I am building a P-40E from 11th FS/343rd FG (Aleutians 1942), and I have a couple of questions:
-The plane on this photo has Dark Green patches over
standard Olive drab upper color.
Were all planes in this unit painted
like that (especially plane No.49)?
-Did No.49 have only white star on the fuselage (without the
blue circle behind it), like represented on this model?
-What is that little fairing on the exhaust tubes? I've
never seen it on other P-40Es
-Also, did No.49 nave these stripes on the fuselage and
tail, because I have seen models built without them.
I would appreciate any help or photos of this plane.

    • 11th FS P-40E answers.Mark Joyce, Wed Oct 31 08:57
      Hello Alexander, I'm away from my sources for awhile, but I'll try answering your questions in order the best I can. Many, if not most, P-40's that served with the 11th FS were the 'E' model, and as... more
      • ThanxAlexander, Fri Nov 2 06:30
        Thanks a for answering all my questions! Those photos are great!
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