11th FS P-40E answers.
Wed Oct 31, 2007 08:57 (XFF:

Hello Alexander,

I'm away from my sources for awhile, but I'll try answering your questions in order the best I can.

Many, if not most, P-40's that served with the 11th FS were the 'E' model, and as such did not have the green patches. The P-40 in the photograph that does have them is a later 'N' model.

#49 probably did have the blue circle on the fuselage, but either was so faded or due to the type of film used doesn't show up well in the photographs.

The little fairing on the exhausts is a fitting for cold-weather climates.

#49 did have stripes on the tail and fuselage, at least for part of its existence.

Here's a link to Steve Reno's P-40 site with some good photographs:


Hope this helps,


  • 11th FS P-40EAlexander, Tue Oct 30 14:25
    Hi, I am building a P-40E from 11th FS/343rd FG (Aleutians 1942), and I have a couple of questions: -The plane on this photo has Dark Green patches over standard Olive drab upper color. Were all... more
    • 11th FS P-40E answers. — Mark Joyce, Wed Oct 31 08:57
      • ThanxAlexander, Fri Nov 2 06:30
        Thanks a for answering all my questions! Those photos are great!
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