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Bump to keep forum alive
Sun May 4, 2008 19:02 (XFF:

This post is just to keep the forum alive, if there are no posts within a certain time frame, the site that allows you to use these type of boards closes them down, thatís one of the reasons I went to the new type of forum, itís on my server and will always be there.

At some time I may go through this forum and copy posts with relative information and put them in the Old Forum section solely information will be permanently kept, the author of each post will be credited.

    • Japanese P-40sMike Fraering, Mon May 5 09:22
      Does anyone have any information on Japanese captured P-40s? According to "Doom at the Start" the Japanese captured two P-40Es at the end of the Philipines campaign, and an unknown quantity was... more
      • Re: Japanese P-40sMark Ansell, Tue May 6 14:23
        I remembered I'd seen some pictures and found them here: http://hawksnest.1hwy.com/In%20Captivity/InCaptivity.html/ Mark
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