Mike Fraering
Japanese P-40s
Mon May 5, 2008 09:22 (XFF:

Does anyone have any information on Japanese captured P-40s? According to "Doom at the Start" the Japanese captured two P-40Es at the end of the Philipines campaign, and an unknown quantity was captured in Java. I am interested in serial numbers and final disposition.

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    This post is just to keep the forum alive, if there are no posts within a certain time frame, the site that allows you to use these type of boards closes them down, thatís one of the reasons I went... more
    • Japanese P-40s — Mike Fraering, Mon May 5 09:22
      • Re: Japanese P-40sMark Ansell, Tue May 6 14:23
        I remembered I'd seen some pictures and found them here: http://hawksnest.1hwy.com/In%20Captivity/InCaptivity.html/ Mark
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