Death Race P-40 movie
Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:05 (XFF:

FYI: The P-40 used in the strafing scene, lifted from the Rock Hudson movie "Tobruk", was a Kittyhawk Mk1, c/n 18796, RAF #AL152, RCAF #1082, FAA #N95JB. The Roy Thinnes character took-off in Kittyhawk Mk1, c/n 15404, RAF #AK933, RCAF #1057, FAA #N94466. The Doug McClure character flew P-40N-40, c/n 33915, USAAF #44-47923, FAA #N923. All three p-40s still exist; 94466 with John Paul in Idaho, 95JB with the War Eagles Museum in New Mexico, and 923 with Kermit Weeks in Florida.

  • Death Race 1973 P-40 movieDoug, Thu Oct 16 13:07
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    • Death Race P-40 movie — Mike, Thu Oct 23 12:05
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