Selwyn Williams
P40 Tomahawk colours & pics
Sun Aug 30, 2009 14:28

I found the wreck of a 1941 P40 while diving some years ago and it was a Mk 1 P40 Curtiss Tomahawk originally intended for France but diverted to RAF instead so it has some french identifying equipment, American as it was built there and some British such as ICI cyclinder for cockpit. We are trying to build a model and we need the colour scheme too, Have seen one re 403 squadron where a pilot was in both and he describes the 403 colours.

  • 400RCAF TomahawksBuz, Wed Jun 13 00:23
    Dave Drop me a line off board and I'll send some pics and info that will help you Buz
    • Re: 400RCAF TomahawksAnonymous, Sun Oct 3 15:03
      Buz Not sure if you are still around. I had to pack up the P40 as I was getting posted to another base. Just dug it out and am looking to finish it. Email me at if you have any... more
    • P40 Tomahawk colours & pics — Selwyn Williams, Sun Aug 30 14:28
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