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Re: 400RCAF Tomahawks
Sun Oct 3, 2010 15:03

Not sure if you are still around. I had to pack up the P40 as I was getting posted to another base. Just dug it out and am looking to finish it.
Email me at if you have any info.

  • 400RCAF TomahawksBuz, Wed Jun 13 00:23
    Dave Drop me a line off board and I'll send some pics and info that will help you Buz
    • Re: 400RCAF Tomahawks — Anonymous, Sun Oct 3 15:03
    • P40 Tomahawk colours & picsSelwyn Williams, Sun Aug 30 14:28
      I found the wreck of a 1941 P40 while diving some years ago and it was a Mk 1 P40 Curtiss Tomahawk originally intended for France but diverted to RAF instead so it has some french identifying... more
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