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Re: P-40 Operating Manual
Mon Jul 4, 2011 14:40


Sorry to hear about the loss of your father, sounds like he had an amazing life.

Don't know much about the costs of the items you have, from some stuff I look at, prices seem to fluctuate quite a bit, especially with the economy the way it is.

This forum is pretty much defunct as it is my older forum now. My web site is:

And here is the link to my newer forum:

Registration is easy and that's where more people will see your post. If you do register, please send me a registration name and I will get you registered ASAP. I am quite a few other people with message boards have been getting hit very hard with spam in our registration earnings, so that way I would know exactly who to look for.

If you have any photos of you Dad with P-40s and any stories of years you would like to share, I would love to put them up on the web site for my readers. This is who the site was designed for, the people who design & build, flew, and maintained the P-40. You could also include some information on the Atlas & Saturn programs.

I am currently building a 1/144 scale model of the Saturn V.

  • P-40 Operating Manualcaptjimw, Wed Jun 29 01:09
    Hello all! My father was a principle design engineer for CW during WW2 and was instrumental in the design of the P-40. He died in Feb of this year (2011) at the age of 92. I am discovering many items ... more
    • Re: P-40 Operating Manual — Brad Hagen, Mon Jul 4 14:40
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