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New to homeschooling
Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:42am

A good place to start is to know the laws and HSLDA has info on our state.
Applewood Christian School is 3 days a week two days at home for those who want that option of help.
Abeka Books is an option many use to teach successfully. I personally used My Fathers World and Heart of Dakota to start if you are a Christiam those three are good programs.
Kahn Academy online offers great resources non religious.
And Easy Peasy Homeschooling online is free. They offer a lot totally free breaking it down by grade levels. Non religious.
If your children are younger 4-6 years old, you can do nature studies, do math games, etc with just books from the library.
Welcome to Sedalia! Hope this gives you some ideas. If you want to email with more specifics I put my address on here.

  • New to sedalia Diana, Sat Jul 16 2:55am
    I am new to Sedalia and I would like to homeschool my children. Is there a program in Sedalia for homeschooling. How do I get started. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Welcome Amy Knap, Thu Aug 11 4:05am
      Diana We actually have another family who recently moved from CA and homeschool in a charter school there and now homeschool in MO. I would love to hook you up with her so that she can help you... more
    • Re: New to sedalia Debra Greene, Mon Jul 18 11:48am
      Diana, Without knowing your specific situation I'm not sure which direction to answer in. But I'd love to talk to you and help in any way I can. My email address is above, my phone number is... more
      • Re: New to sedalia Anonymous, Mon Jul 18 6:31pm
        Thanks for your reply. We are moving from California and the homeschool program that we are currently using there is called Visions in Education. It is considered a charter public school. They... more
        • New to Sedalia Mandi, Mon Jul 18 7:25pm
          No we don't have anything in Sedalia like that. We have a coop in warrensburg mo. But no charter schools.
    • New to homeschooling Mandi, Sun Jul 17 8:42am
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