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Amy Knap
Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:05am


We actually have another family who recently moved from CA and homeschool in a charter school there and now homeschool in MO. I would love to hook you up with her so that she can help you transition. Do you have a FB? Most of us use that now. If you go to Sedalia Homeschoolers I can add you. Or if you would like please email me at

  • New to sedalia Diana, Sat Jul 16 2:55am
    I am new to Sedalia and I would like to homeschool my children. Is there a program in Sedalia for homeschooling. How do I get started. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Welcome Amy Knap, Thu Aug 11 4:05am
    • Re: New to sedalia Debra Greene, Mon Jul 18 11:48am
      Diana, Without knowing your specific situation I'm not sure which direction to answer in. But I'd love to talk to you and help in any way I can. My email address is above, my phone number is... more
      • Re: New to sedalia Anonymous, Mon Jul 18 6:31pm
        Thanks for your reply. We are moving from California and the homeschool program that we are currently using there is called Visions in Education. It is considered a charter public school. They... more
        • New to Sedalia Mandi, Mon Jul 18 7:25pm
          No we don't have anything in Sedalia like that. We have a coop in warrensburg mo. But no charter schools.
    • New to homeschooling Mandi, Sun Jul 17 8:42am
      A good place to start is to know the laws and HSLDA has info on our state. Applewood Christian School is 3 days a week two days at home for those who want that option of help. Abeka Books is an... more
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