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Thu Dec 7, 2017 9:20am

Wow, you sent me lots of info about the rocks.
Iíll send you more from that place Mark chipped those big rocks out, in the spring.

The round rocks could have come from the rock quarry. I found them beside the road, on a walk, that we put new rock on. So not sure if they were bulldozed up or brought to the property.

I just went around picking pretty rocks up!! Lol

The white ones are all over the property and the green ones and slate looking ones to.
In some places the white ones can be found right at the surface and need jackhammer to get them broke open.
When we did all that jackhammering, to get the power line ditch dug, that stuff was coming out of the hole.

Have fun with the rocks. Sorry I didnít was them before sending. It was all I could do to get rocks and mail them to you. :)

  • Re: RocksHawg Haul'r, Fri Dec 1 7:44pm
    Very cool. Looking forward to seeing them. The ones that got my interest what those that Mark was working with when you guys were doing all that grading and ditch work. Thanks Cheri, I'll see if I... more
    • Rock — Info, Thu Dec 7 9:20am
      • Re: RockHawg Haul'r, Thu Dec 7 7:30pm
        Oh no need to wash them off except it gives you a better look at them too. Really there is no need to send more unless you find really different rock or like rocks from that area where Mark was... more
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