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Lots of
Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:54pm

Our part of the Northwest has been having a lot of heavy fog until yesterday.
Wow!!! The sun came out and the temperature dropped.

Yesterday we went to cut our Christmas tree.
While driving around the tree farm, were the sun didnít hit the ground, the frost was so heavy it looked like it snowed!

Saturday was quite crazy for us.
We got a call from one of our neighbors, that the main Hwy cable was down.
They thought maybe lot 8 owners were back in there, because the cable is down when they are there.

I text them and they informed me they were in Montana.

So I called another neighbor, that checks their mail at the Hwy and they said the cable had been down since Thursday.
They assumed lot 8 owners where in there too.

So had my neighbor Trish drive over to the Hwy cable and see if the lock was unlocked or cut!

You guessed it.
Lock was cut, but not our lock.
The lock on the other end of the cable is the power company lock.

Some dumb ass cut their lock.

I called the power company asking if they cut their lock and was told no.
Power company asked me to file a police report, because someone destroyed their lock.

Because of our trespasser problems , Iíve already been in contact with the game warden and they are going to be patrolling our property and try to catch them.

Now someone has stepped up another level and cut a lock.

The sheriff department is now involved and we have a case number.
The sheriff had me email all trespassers photos to him.

Anyways, our other neighbor drove into our place, to make sure it hadnít been broken into.

Our place and lot 8 property stuff is good. Nothing broke into or stolen.

Why the hell would someone cut a power lock, drive in and do nothing,unless they hunted?

That same neighbor put one of his locks on the power company side of the cable, to get the Hwy cable locked up.

Today the power company is going to put a bigger and tougher lock on their side of the cable.

Iím telling you, that person better hope I donít get a picture of them or be face to face on our property.

I can tell you it will not be good.
Iím so fricken tired of trespassing people and hunters.

We are now going to buy two cameras to put at the Hwy entrance and cable them to trees.

We are so lucky to have good neighbors all around our property.

They really do a great job watching the Hwy entrance and driving into our place.

We would have had to make a 7 hour drive, just to check on everything and get that cable locked back up.

Then turn around and come back, cause Hubby does not have anymore leave until two week Christmas vacation.

So thankful for our neighbors.

As for my pup, I took the boys for annual check up.
The older one is great, but the pup has Megaesophagus.
His throat muscles are not pushing his food down his throat.

The food bunches up in his throat and then he regurgitates it. Then swallows it again.

If he sucked it into his lungs or windpipe, he can get pneumonia and die. So this is very serious.

He has to have his food sitting very high and back feet on the floor. Front feet high on something and then food even higher.

After eating he has to have his head higher then his butt for 30 minutes, so gravity can move the food to the stomach.
I had to divide his am feeding by 3rd. Ever 1/2 hr he gets a 1/3 of a 1/4 cup food for am and pm feeding.

In other words it takes 1 1/2 hours for each a.m. and pm feeding.
Lots more work for me but has to be done.

If this doesnít help, then we will have to buy him one of the custom made chairs he sits up 90 degrees from the floor, eats and has to stay in it for 30 minutes.
Add more gray hair to my head, that I bleach blonde. Lol.

Vet not sure if this was hereditary or just came on with age. Lamont does not have it, but Iím feeding his meals the same.

Hope your weekend was better.

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