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Getting rid of them
Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:12am

snakes is almost a lost cause. They prefer shallower water than trout plus warmer water temps. The only fish that keeps them in check are Musky's. Northern's like to spawn in shallow streams as soon as the ice goes out. The poachers go after them using lights and spears after dark .....very effective. Their eyes glow like little head lights in the dark. On the good side they are almost as good eating as walleyes are. Learn how to filet them though because of the Y bones, also excellent boiled as they have a somewhat texture and taste like Lobster. They are pretty easy to catch, all you need is something flashy like spoons chrome and red works good.

  • Merry Christmas and more of course.Hawg Haul'r, Wed Dec 27 6:21pm
    Well Merry Belated Christmas to all. We had a very nice Christmas, white it was. Just a couple of inches total. Heck we didn't start opening presents until noon or after. pretty lazy day. Since none... more
    • Getting rid of them — 2lbgill, Sun Dec 31 8:12am
      • Re: Getting rid of them Hawg Haul'r, Sun Dec 31 5:48pm
        In the early spring when ice out occurs there is usually a very high runoff do to snow melt. But that is generally when the salmon smolt as moving downstream toward the ocean. So the rivers and... more
        • If there 2lbgill, Tue Jan 2 6:03pm
          are suckers in the rivers that will be most of their diet as they are slower and don't have dorsal fins on top. Get a fozen smelt and a Swedish hook, put on a set line after dark ....... this works.
          • Re: If there Hawg Haul'r, Tue Jan 2 7:18pm
            We do have suckers throughout the the river system. Smelt do run up the river but not past any dams. Huge shad runs which come into the river system to spawn. Some will pass the few of the lower... more
            • If you ever 2lbgill, Thu Jan 4 6:32pm
              get bac here I'll guide you. When I use to fish them, I never failed, always had one on every trip. Had one trip where I caught and released 7 of them. In Wisconsin they have to be 40 in. now. Lots... more
              • Re: If you ever Hawg Haul'r, Fri Jan 5 9:07pm
                Oh that would be sweet, thanks Don. I have watched them on the fishing shows and read about them and they are toothy monsters. I don't want to keep any particularly, if I want to get a mount it would ... more
                • Much better2lbgill, Fri Jan 12 6:16pm
                  eating than a Northern. Flesh a little more firmer and sweeter. Tigers being a cross between the 2 are closer to a Musky in behavior and fighting ability. Never ate one but should be good.I,ve caught ... more
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