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Hawg Haul'r
Re: Getting rid of them
Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:48pm

In the early spring when ice out occurs there is usually a very high runoff do to snow melt. But that is generally when the salmon smolt as moving downstream toward the ocean. So the rivers and creeks really don't warm up until the runoff has slowed down some. So the moving smolt may not be affected by the snakes. Tho the smolt live in the rivers up to two years before migrating. So they are easy pray for the snakes the rest of the warmer summer. Of course the bass, walleye, trout, steelhead will take the hits as well. I think the fish and wildlife dept and the tribe fish and wildlife waited too long to try to kill fish these things. The Where they are fishing these things there are two dams without fish ladders so no migrating salmon up there. However lots of water goes through those dams those small fish can live through a lot. There are already reports of people catching these snakes at the mouths or the rivers where there are migrating salmon, two dams/pools downstream where the big push is now. Why waste the time. Sure kill fish them, but put it for the whole length of the river and not just one pool. It is too late. I would like to catch one to eat. I have heard good things like you said. Mostly people irked about dealing with bones. It is going to be interesting to see how the next 10 or 15 years plays out. We didn't have some salmon seasons and there isn't a steelhead season near where I live this year. This happens sometimes. But as the population of the predators increases it will be interesting to see how the fish people start handling it.

Now on the other end of the river, the mouth of the Columbia there is a huge population of the Sea lions. They are estimating that they are eating 24% of all the salmon entering the Columbia right now. This doesn't include the steelhead and sturgeon they kill either. The sea lions are so thick and bold and have learned that boats are a good thing. There are many fish taken right on the hook or bitten in half while being brought in. It is hook the fish crank down the drag and reel like crazy now. Of course sea lions are protected. The wild salmon are protected. Fishermen from all different venues have been screaming about these things and demanding action. Nothing so far. It is crazy. NOAA needs to get off their butts and act with the WA and OR with this problem. There shouldn't be any hungry polar bears in the Artic as far as I am concerned. lol Nuff of this. This has nothing to do with those slimy snakes. lol

Man it is good to see you back on some there Don. Very cool!

  • Getting rid of them 2lbgill, Sun Dec 31 8:12am
    snakes is almost a lost cause. They prefer shallower water than trout plus warmer water temps. The only fish that keeps them in check are Musky's. Northern's like to spawn in shallow streams as soon... more
    • Re: Getting rid of them — Hawg Haul'r, Sun Dec 31 5:48pm
      • If there 2lbgill, Tue Jan 2 6:03pm
        are suckers in the rivers that will be most of their diet as they are slower and don't have dorsal fins on top. Get a fozen smelt and a Swedish hook, put on a set line after dark ....... this works.
        • Re: If there Hawg Haul'r, Tue Jan 2 7:18pm
          We do have suckers throughout the the river system. Smelt do run up the river but not past any dams. Huge shad runs which come into the river system to spawn. Some will pass the few of the lower... more
          • If you ever 2lbgill, Thu Jan 4 6:32pm
            get bac here I'll guide you. When I use to fish them, I never failed, always had one on every trip. Had one trip where I caught and released 7 of them. In Wisconsin they have to be 40 in. now. Lots... more
            • Re: If you ever Hawg Haul'r, Fri Jan 5 9:07pm
              Oh that would be sweet, thanks Don. I have watched them on the fishing shows and read about them and they are toothy monsters. I don't want to keep any particularly, if I want to get a mount it would ... more
              • Much better2lbgill, Fri Jan 12 6:16pm
                eating than a Northern. Flesh a little more firmer and sweeter. Tigers being a cross between the 2 are closer to a Musky in behavior and fighting ability. Never ate one but should be good.I,ve caught ... more
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