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Hawg Haul'r
Re: Happy Belated New Year
Tue Jan 2, 2018 7:33pm

Well thank you and happy belated 2018 to you guys too. Bummer you were sick though that is no fun. Val was coming down with a cold and has be coughing and hacking constantly. Hope she gets well fast as she is planning on heading to AK on the 6th to see the grandson and the daughter and hubby. Oh boy bacheloring for 10 days. lol I just hope she gets better to go.

Well hopefully you can get another weekend to make it over this way to check the property and play with your new skis. Yell as us when you go by. lol

Again Happy New year to you guys plus all the rest of the gang on and lurking on here. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

  • Happy Belated New YearMe, Tue Jan 2 3:07pm
    Hope you all had a nice New Years evening We were sick over the holidays, so our Christmas tree and decorations are still up. Hopefully family and grandkids can get over here and get their stuff,... more
    • Re: Happy Belated New Year — Hawg Haul'r, Tue Jan 2 7:33pm
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