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Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:28am

Iím around. Busy!

Made two day , one night trip, to the property.
Thatís a 700 mile round trip!

Have snow at the property and had to chain up to get into the property.

Almost didnít make it with my little ranger. It doesnít have 4 wheel drive.

No mouseís got back in 5th. All nice and clean!

Had 4 feet deep snow slide off the roof.

Some place the ground is bare. Some places 8 inches deep.

Got some nice pictures,on the game cameras, and no trespassers!

Saw coyotes, still have two out of three big bucks, all my baby deerís are still alive with their moms. Speedyís still alive.
Had some turkey pictures too

Only lost one buck from hunting season.

Wonít be going back until the snow is gone and the ground dries up.

Mountain pass was great.

  • Hello2lbgill, Sun Feb 11 1:25pm
    just checking to see how many are still alive.
    • Im — Here , Tue Feb 13 1:28am
      • Looks2lbgill, Tue Feb 13 1:42pm
        like everyone is surviving the winter. Getting close to being the coldest winter ever here. Most of our deer migrate south abut 30 miles where snow is a lot less. Those that don't end up getting... more
    • Re: HelloHawg Haul'r, Sun Feb 11 5:49pm
      Here, present and alive at least the last time I checked.
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