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Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:11am

Billbo has an echo with his well, well, well!! Lol
Hope everything has been going well with you.
Donít know if you know, we bought 58 acres in eastern Wa , to retire too later.
Just trying to get it liveable, as nothing but trees and 14 acres of alfalfa on it, when we bought it.
Now have 5th wheel under big tin roof with 12x 24 patio area, we plan to concrete this spring.

Also had power brought it $$$$$ and working on new 1/2 mile road into the place. Working or tails off putting fencing up too!!

Iím tired and 60 yrs old now!!! :)

  • well, well, wellbillbo, Sun Jan 14 3:46pm
    it's about time I got here. alive and well as is everyone else here. not much new, same old , same old. freezing our rearends off. hope all is well with everyone. I need to stop in more often, my... more
    • Welcome — Back!, Tue Feb 13 2:11am
    • Hello der2lbgill, Sun Jan 14 4:45pm
      bout time, yes stop in and stay awhile, we have some catching up to do. We've only had 4 days that it didn't get below zero part of the day since Dec. 18, -17 last 2 nights.
      • whoa a voice from the past....Hawg Haul'r, Sun Jan 14 9:01pm
        well ok not a voice at type(??) but hey Billbo, long time man. Well good things are going well. Better than the alternatives for sure. You gotta have some good fishin' stories. Anyway great to see ya ... more
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