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Hawg Haul'r
Above zero, dang a heat wave.
Thu Mar 1, 2018 8:15pm

Heck Don, it is nearly summer there. Out fishin', garden planted, I imagine that the great northern mince migration will be coming through soon. Keep your feet up for that one. No garden for me this year, can't get anyone to take care of it so they want something they are start the plants a or just go for it. My some Jeff and maybe Val won a guide walleye or kokanee trip at an auction not long ago. I think the the plan is for walleye. It would be nice if both went to get more fish. Hopefully they will catch some. I could do with some fresh 'eye filets. It has been warmer here too. It will snow one day the next day it all melts off and be nice and sunny. Then do it all over again. We had a big storm warning last night up to 7" in's in the hills and a couple here we got nothing and the hills maybe a trace. Now in the mountains they have been getting pounded, which is where we need it anyway. I hope that warm trend keeps on there for ya there Don. It would be nice to get off the hard water and put the boat in the water and fish that soft water.

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    2 weeks now without zero weather, I think my cabin fever is getting better. Tried ice fishing last weekend but 1 little Crappie was it. I have all my seeds started in the window trays and a lot are... more
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    • Above zero, dang a heat wave. — Hawg Haul'r, Thu Mar 1 8:15pm
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