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At vet
Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:20pm

Canít post. Just letting you know my youngest pup is at emergency vet. Going to have to put scope down his throat.
Donít know whatís going on and X-ray also shows something wrong with a lung.
Not good. Please say some prayers for Tigger.
Will post when I know whatís going on.
Iím an emotional train wreck. :(

    • Hope he's2lbgill, Tue Apr 3 7:15am
      better, a sick pet is just as bad as a sick kid. Well they are kids too! We have 3 Shi Tzu"s and I dread the day when ...........
    • Re: PupHawg Haul'r, Sat Mar 17 2:19pm
      Oh bummer hope he is going to be ok. prayers and thoughts your way. I know how hard it is to deal with a sick dog or family member. Keeps us informed.
      • Hes doingBetter, Wed Mar 21 12:24am
        We are not out of the woods, but today was a good day! What we do know is he has pneumonia. He got it from asperating puke into his lungs. That is the secondary problem. Still trying to find what the ... more
        • Re: Hes doingHawg Haul'r, Wed Mar 28 4:23pm
          glad to hear he is getting better. Sick dogs are just sick kids and when they are this sick it is horrible. I hope all better now. But what a nightmare for you and the little fella.
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