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Im beat!
Sat May 12, 2018 10:44pm

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all are doing well.

We just came back from two weeks at the property.

We added 20 more fence posts, concreted them too,so now they are only 15 feet apart instead of 30 feet. That line is 1,250 feet long.

Then we ran 7 wires for fencing. Its a tensile electric fence, so ever line on every post has an insulator with two screws. Lots of screws!!
One night we were in the field at 2 am, trying to finish the fence, but god made the batteries in the screw gun die, so we had to call it a night. Finished the field fencing the next day.
While in the field, that night, a coyote scared the hell out of us. He came up out of the valley and didn't know we were there and he let out one heck of a holler!!!
I jumped in the truck and laid on the horn to run him off!!
Im sure we scared him as much as he scared us!

We also put a new sink faucet in, fixed some cabinet molding, set up a place for the outside refrigerator, jackhammered a huge rock cropping, that was a trip hazard and put top soil n for fall grass seed.

I mowed and weed whacked all around the 5th wheel fencing and we went on two tractor rides around the property.
I also ran the tractor to bring back logs the DNR loggers left for us. Still have a few more to go fetch.We had DRN come in and finish limbing and thinning lot 2 and all lot 3 for a total of 20.4 acres that had trees. Better for the forest and more fire safety. Now only have part of lot one left, that will have to wait till next year and theres some forest we can't get too Its just too steep.

Our old alfalfa field is now a beautiful green grass field. Approx 15 acres.
Our neighbors, to the south, have taken over caring for it and will use the grass for his cattle, when we gets them.

We dug out the bush in front of the fifth wheel and made the circle wider and put rock down.

I did more rocking around the fence area. Trying to round up the rocks to make a 5 foot fire break by the fencing.

So, we are beat!!
My hands hurt so bad, because I didn't wear gloves.
Have those little cracks, on each side of my finger nails, that hurt like heck!! For such tiny cracks they sure do hurt.

Next trip, we will work on the north end boundary line fencing that goes over a hill. That should be fun!!
Also have contractor going to bring concrete and concrete the 12ft x 24ft porch slab beside the 5th. I can't wait for that concrete porch!

My turkey named Thanksgiving, is still alive. No trespasser has gotten him.
He will answer me, when I gobble out to him!!!

Everything in the house garden is up:
Potato plants, green beans, sugar pod peas, carrots, radishes, basil, green peppers, 3 types tomatoes, rosemary, onions, strawberries, rhubarb, and more.
My daughter in law helped plant and will water when we aren't here, so she can have what she wants out of the garden. I didn't plant last year because didn't have anyone to water when we were gone.

Im so busy, I ache all over!
I don't known if its from turning 61 or what, but I sure do have more aches now!! LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather.
Off and running again!! See ya!!!

    • I hurt just reading this. lolHawg Haul'r, Thu May 17 8:31pm
      Beat, I would say that would be an under statement. Cripes you guys need to take it easy up there too you know. Wow what a couple of weeks. Is there any charge from the DNR doing the thinning for... more
      • Answers to Questions, Wed May 23 11:29pm
        Yes DNR came in an figured what it will cost to thin and limb up 20.4 acres this time. We split the cost. The program pays for half. It isnít cheap either, but we are trying to slowly get the timber... more
        • Re: Answers to Hawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 2:18pm
          That is such an amazing project up there. The DNR project the matching funds sounds normal. Same types of programs that Val messes with. But you get get this retirement thing figured out. The word... more
    • can't emailpictures, Sat May 12 10:59pm
      Yahoo has made everyone sign legal notice they own all pictures and will be reading everyones emails. (TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACY!) So I can't send pictures through yahoo anymore. They have legal... more
      • Re: can't emailAnonymous, Thu May 17 7:36pm
        Yea things are also changing They probably had the rights all along if you read everything in the legals when we signed up for the emails. By law there is an implied copyright to all pictures to the... more
        • dummy forgotdammit I am not Anonymous I am Hawg Haul'r, Thu May 17 7:38pm
          not much here. Just a forgetful ol' man. lol
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