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Re: can't email
Thu May 17, 2018 7:36pm

Yea things are also changing They probably had the rights all along if you read everything in the legals when we signed up for the emails. By law there is an implied copyright to all pictures to the person who took them. Facebook has the rights to certain pictures, about anything that gets posted on the internet is almost free game these days. But here is the question. Are those images worth anything as in $'s? If you post a picture of a fence with some rocks by it, is it really going to be sold by Yahoo for profit? I look at it that anything I post is something I don't care if it gets smeared all over the place. Hopefully for fun and laughs or for information. If I feel I have an image that may have monetary value I will not post it. Since 9-11 our privacy has been invaded in a way but it is in a way I don't mind. There are computers and people who monitor that all they do is watch the net looking for key words or phrases. Of something comes up the research starts. We never hear much about it. Only the near attacks that got stopped. We never hear about the ones that never get a chance to ever get started or organized. Or the people the have on the watch lists and everything they do is monitored. Is that a bad thing, an invasion of privacy or a way to fight terrorism and protect US citizens. Yahoo won't or can read all the emails, they will set up a monitor system like the govt that will look for key words. It seems odd that this has come out so close the all this gun right stuff. They could be monitoring for that type of posts and deleting them. CWa they don't care a bit about you and me talking about your property and how jealous I am cause you are so close to some great FISHIN'. lol If they do, we as a people are in a big world of hurt. Egads sorry I get carried away.

Yes my phone texts. lol Also you can send it to Charter unless that is somehow tied into the Yahoo, Verizon or whatever this big merger was. I forgot who all was involved. So send them to where you feel comfortable cause I myself love seeing them and watching the progress you guys are making on it. You two are a couple of crazy hard working people. lol I should have your number on charter I'll text you from my cell so you will get my number. The home phone texts sort of but not pictures unless they talk. lol My cell would be the way to go or Charter.

  • can't emailpictures, Sat May 12 10:59pm
    Yahoo has made everyone sign legal notice they own all pictures and will be reading everyones emails. (TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACY!) So I can't send pictures through yahoo anymore. They have legal... more
    • Re: can't email — Anonymous, Thu May 17 7:36pm
      • dummy forgotdammit I am not Anonymous I am Hawg Haul'r, Thu May 17 7:38pm
        not much here. Just a forgetful ol' man. lol
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