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Hawg Haul'r
I hurt just reading this. lol
Thu May 17, 2018 8:31pm

Beat, I would say that would be an under statement. Cripes you guys need to take it easy up there too you know.

Wow what a couple of weeks. Is there any charge from the DNR doing the thinning for you? That is a sweet program if it is similar to what Val works with at the local Conservation District. Of course getting some fire wood or fence posts or what you guys choose to use that wood for it always great. You do have the land to store it. lol

I am glad thanksgiving has made it though the spring hunt. Then there is the fall hunt. He should make it for a couple more years unless the winters really gets bad. You should go to the game department or on line and find out what would be the best thing to plant for a food source for the turkeys and plant a little plot someplace where it won't be in anyone way, hidden and far away from the road. But also a place where predators can't ambush them either. I would be more worry about the coyotes getting Thanksgiving than the hunters. :(

Have you guys seen any snakes there?

That slab is going to be nice. Big holy smokes. Mark going to have some help to pour and finish it? That is quite a bit for one guy especially if it is warm. But it sure will be nice.

Dang I am jealous of your garden. That is sweet. I don't think anything is even planted. They went some plant sale a couple of week ago and bought a bunch of plants and they sit there. Don't think they have even been water. Jeff has to get the irrigation water going, let see that pump has been on for a month.... Anyway your garden sound wonderful. You have family that lives near there? Sounds like your daughter-in-law is there close by to water and care for the garden which is very cool.

You know sturgeon opens in less than a month up there. you gotta go do it! They are going to shut it down after a 1000 fish are caught. hehe

Well get healed up and get ready for the next long workin week(s). lol

  • Im beat!Me, Sat May 12 10:44pm
    Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. We just came back from two weeks at the property. We added 20 more fence posts, concreted them too,so now they are only 15 feet apart instead of 30 feet.... more
    • I hurt just reading this. lol — Hawg Haul'r, Thu May 17 8:31pm
      • Answers to Questions, Wed May 23 11:29pm
        Yes DNR came in an figured what it will cost to thin and limb up 20.4 acres this time. We split the cost. The program pays for half. It isnít cheap either, but we are trying to slowly get the timber... more
        • Re: Answers to Hawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 2:18pm
          That is such an amazing project up there. The DNR project the matching funds sounds normal. Same types of programs that Val messes with. But you get get this retirement thing figured out. The word... more
    • can't emailpictures, Sat May 12 10:59pm
      Yahoo has made everyone sign legal notice they own all pictures and will be reading everyones emails. (TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACY!) So I can't send pictures through yahoo anymore. They have legal... more
      • Re: can't emailAnonymous, Thu May 17 7:36pm
        Yea things are also changing They probably had the rights all along if you read everything in the legals when we signed up for the emails. By law there is an implied copyright to all pictures to the... more
        • dummy forgotdammit I am not Anonymous I am Hawg Haul'r, Thu May 17 7:38pm
          not much here. Just a forgetful ol' man. lol
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