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Hawg Haul'r
Emails and to much babble
Sun May 20, 2018 8:27pm

That's very true, Don, but I guarantee that those key words and phrases and still being monitored but the gov't. They don't want personal stuff, they want to pick up the bad dudes talking among themselves. With the millions of files and stuff being passed around each day all the gov't can do is pick up words, abbr's etc. With terrorism the way it is and borders that anyone can walk across at any time they want with about whatever they want this is our only internal border defense sadly to say. At least once the ip's are identified the gov;'t has a place to start to really monitor and investigate what is really going on. And heck, honestly is there really anything that you have put on the internet that you really didn't want other people to read or see? Other than just for the principle of it.

Now days it is hard to know who it getting what info off your computer. It remembers everything in a redundant file. All this tracking stuff, sending crash info to the software guru's, heck who know what you are sending. Getting rid of of an computer the thought was you could just reformat the hard drive and everything was wiped clean. That was never the case. But millions bought into it and many still do. One little program and a guy can recover everything. The tech guys don't need that. My son Jeff is scary with some of the stuff he knows to work on some of these systems. I have taken apart lot of hard drives, they have cool rare earth magnets in them, fun to mess around with and that way you can destroy the discs while apart. People are worried what the gov't may see, I am much more worried what the hackers may get and do than the gov't.

Now if Yahoo, use a pic of mine and make profit and I get no credit that would piss me off a bit I guess. But I'll bet I was never going to see profit from it anyway and if I was I probably wouldn't have posted it on line. By law every picture you take as the author you have an implied copyright. You just cannot get rid of the original, has to be like the negative in a way. Go back a 50, 75 years or more and try to figure that stuff out, same laws apply but geez, it is crazy. Anyway, it is what it is. You can go like Don had mentioned with your own URL where you can protect your pictures in email, which is a very good idea. I don't send enough to anymore to make the monthly fee anywhere close to being worth it. Might be something to think about tho CWA.

My Word CWA that cougar attack yesterday. Killing the one guy and mauling the other, that is nuts. The cat didn't look all that big laying next to the wildlife guys. They didn't say if it was a male or female. Female I wondered if it was trying to protect it's young. When it first attacked the guys did what they are suppose to hold their ground, scream and holler they used their bikes as a shield. I guess the cat disappeared back into the forest. They must have started down the trail and it came back out. Must have surprised them as it got one of the guys. The guys head fully in the cats mouth and mauling him at the same time. The second guy messed up he start running away. The cat sees him lets go of the first guy and takes off for the second guy. The first guy then takes off for like two miles until he got cell signal and called for help. Freaking nuts. It had to take the game guys some time to get there and they found the cat still standing over the dead guy. Been like a 100 year since the last attack. They shot towards the cat missing I presume on purpose to scare it off to get to the guy. Then they brought the tracker in with the dog and found that cat and euthanized it. This is on your side of the mtn's.

  • Emails2lbgill, Fri May 18 7:13am
    One way to get a little privacy is to buy a URL and someone to host it. My cost me $14/yr. the hosting is $8.99/mo. You can have a ton of Email addresses on it. I have mine at GoDaddy and... more
    • Thanks:), Wed May 23 11:32pm
      Thanks for the info. Hawg, I answered some of your questions in the post below. Sounds like 2ldgil going to have fun building that raft. You gotta post the building pictures. :) Have a nice day.
    • Emails and to much babble — Hawg Haul'r, Sun May 20 8:27pm
      • I take2lbgill, Tue May 22 2:32am
        the hard drive out and cook it in the fire pit I have when I have to get rid of a computer. If you get about 10 people to go together would help but then again getting everybody to pay regularly... more
        • Man that will be very coolHawg Haul'r, Tue May 22 5:24pm
          Fire works! The fiberglass float boat thing sounds very cool Don. Solar powered batt for the electric, heck 8 x 10 I can see a little grill, room for several people. Heck that's going to be a fun... more
          • They2lbgill, Tue May 22 7:08pm
            caught a 2lb'r out of our lake a few years back so I know their is one out there someplace. I'll post a few pics when I get the raft done.
            • Re: TheyHawg Haul'r, Wed May 23 9:53pm
              yea maybe a pic or two during the build too would be neat too. Either way it will be neat to see it when it is done. Better with you holding that 2#'er. lol
              • Check link2lbgill, Sun Jun 3 8:30am
                now we have to get it down to the lake, turned over and install carpeting and chairs raft
                • Re: Check linkHawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 1:42pm
                  Link works good. That is a very cool design. Where did you get the outer pontoons? those are very cool. The PVC pipe pontoons are great idea as well. I like the internal flush plugs. I don't know if... more
                  • The Floats2lbgill, Mon Jun 4 8:34am
                    came from a paddle boat that the owner cot off with a chain, he was going to make a raft for his grand kids but never got around to it. The floats are hollow and hopefully water doesn't get... more
                    • Re: The FloatsAnonymous, Tue Jun 5 8:36pm
                      What a kick of a project. You know instead of the foam if need be in the pontoons, would some 30 gallon barrels fit inside of them? If you can get them at no cost putting a couple inside of the... more
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