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Wed May 23, 2018 11:29pm

Yes DNR came in an figured what it will cost to thin and limb up 20.4 acres this time. We split the cost. The program pays for half.
It isnít cheap either, but we are trying to slowly get the timber part, of the acreage, fire safe and a healthier forest.
Itís to DNR benefit, to help with the cost, so the forest is harder to make forest fires.
The land has to stay in DNR for seven years or we owe back the money they pay out. We are on year 3.
DNR does not cut down anything bigger then 6 inch diameter.

They thin and limb those logs for us.
Makes nice fire wood. They leave them in six foot lengths all limbed.
Have to go looking for more, next trip.

We still have about 20 more acres to get done,but canít afford anymore this year.

As for snakes!!!!!!!!
Have a funny story. Donít know if I already told it.

I was heading to the utility trailer and almost stepped on one
The older dog jumped right over it, which made it move!!
Scared the heck out of me and I start screaming ďSNAKE!!!!!!Ē

Hubby comes running with a shovel and tries to flip it out of the fence area.
Wasnít rattling so I knew it wasnít a rattler. Never seen one.

Well that snake wasnít having any part of a shovel and flipped off it, right between my hubbies feet!!

You never seem a person trying to get out of that snakes way, faster then his legs were moving.
It actually started trying to get him. I of course was screaming my head off trying to keep the dogs away from it.

Then it turned and went under the utility trailer.
For all I know , itís still under there.

I got a good look at it and looked it up on the internet.

It was a big garden snake. Harmless!!!

I donít care if itís harmless or not, I do not like snakes.
Comes from being around coral snakes in Central America.
I spot a snake and itís going to be dead, if I have anything to do with it.

Looking back, we can laugh about it, but it sure wasnít funny when it was happening.

As for the garden, itís doing great.
Rhubarb ready, so I made a rhubarb, raspberry and blackberry pie!!!!!
Not so good for my diabetes, but it sure tasted good. Lol

Had first radish out of garden and re planted carrots.
Potatoes are almost to the top of the garbage bin.
Hope we get potatoes in the fall. This was an experiment.

Green beans and peas are about 5-6 inches tall. The three tomatoes plants have blooms on them.
Strawberries are blooming like heck and onions all doing good.
Yes daughter-in-law lives 5 minutes away.

Very happy with small garden this year.
I added more bean seeds so as we harvest first ones a second crop will be coming up.

Canít wait to get back over to the property.

Going to work on about 50 more feet of fencing, jackhammer small part of rock cropping out of patio area and have the company bring the concrete.

Only thing hubby has to do is level his forms, smooth the surface. Then they will pour and finish the concrete slab.

So we have to get that rebar down on next trip.

Neighbor sent pictures and looks like I have more weed whipping to do.
I have some painting to finish and we want to build a movable 12x14 shed.
Donít know if that will get built this year.

Have to finish the projects we have going now.

We also hope to do some fishing, once the water is back up.

Blisters on hands are well, so ready for round two!! Lol

Hope Thanksgiving is still around and answers my call.
I worry those dang coyotes will get him too.

My neighbor to the North says he hasnít heard a single turkey, since I left.

I told him they will be back, when I call them. Lol
He says it drives him nuts!!
Heís sitting on his property, waiting to hunt a turkey which Bounder ours , and all the turkeys are up at our place!!! Lol

Have a nice day.

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