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Wed May 23, 2018 11:32pm

Thanks for the info.
Hawg, I answered some of your questions in the post below.

Sounds like 2ldgil going to have fun building that raft.
You gotta post the building pictures. :)

Have a nice day.

  • Emails2lbgill, Fri May 18 7:13am
    One way to get a little privacy is to buy a URL and someone to host it. My cost me $14/yr. the hosting is $8.99/mo. You can have a ton of Email addresses on it. I have mine at GoDaddy and... more
    • Thanks — :), Wed May 23 11:32pm
    • Emails and to much babbleHawg Haul'r, Sun May 20 8:27pm
      That's very true, Don, but I guarantee that those key words and phrases and still being monitored but the gov't. They don't want personal stuff, they want to pick up the bad dudes talking among... more
      • I take2lbgill, Tue May 22 2:32am
        the hard drive out and cook it in the fire pit I have when I have to get rid of a computer. If you get about 10 people to go together would help but then again getting everybody to pay regularly... more
        • Man that will be very coolHawg Haul'r, Tue May 22 5:24pm
          Fire works! The fiberglass float boat thing sounds very cool Don. Solar powered batt for the electric, heck 8 x 10 I can see a little grill, room for several people. Heck that's going to be a fun... more
          • They2lbgill, Tue May 22 7:08pm
            caught a 2lb'r out of our lake a few years back so I know their is one out there someplace. I'll post a few pics when I get the raft done.
            • Re: TheyHawg Haul'r, Wed May 23 9:53pm
              yea maybe a pic or two during the build too would be neat too. Either way it will be neat to see it when it is done. Better with you holding that 2#'er. lol
              • Check link2lbgill, Sun Jun 3 8:30am
                now we have to get it down to the lake, turned over and install carpeting and chairs raft
                • Re: Check linkHawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 1:42pm
                  Link works good. That is a very cool design. Where did you get the outer pontoons? those are very cool. The PVC pipe pontoons are great idea as well. I like the internal flush plugs. I don't know if... more
                  • The Floats2lbgill, Mon Jun 4 8:34am
                    came from a paddle boat that the owner cot off with a chain, he was going to make a raft for his grand kids but never got around to it. The floats are hollow and hopefully water doesn't get... more
                    • Re: The FloatsAnonymous, Tue Jun 5 8:36pm
                      What a kick of a project. You know instead of the foam if need be in the pontoons, would some 30 gallon barrels fit inside of them? If you can get them at no cost putting a couple inside of the... more
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