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Hawg Haul'r
Re: Answers to
Sun Jun 3, 2018 2:18pm

That is such an amazing project up there. The DNR project the matching funds sounds normal. Same types of programs that Val messes with. But you get get this retirement thing figured out. The word doesn't start with 'fbbw', it starts with an 'r' and included with the 'r' are things like other 'rs', 'b&f' and 'kb'. For all that to happen you have to be healthy enough to enjoy it or you end up like me retired, old and grumpy and can't do squat.

So in other words for retirement to work, I know your goals and pressures, I would probably be the same way, tho I would enjoy some time there too. But the 'freaking back breaking work' doesn't start with an 'r' and in retirement, tho go to the place even though there is work to be done and do a little 'rest and relaxation', get the 'boat out and go fishin' and 'kick back' a little while you are there. I have heard you say or read it from you many times live today to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow may bring. I know Mark has limited time to work too. But when he retires and you guys can move there for extended periods, so there are still some chores to do. Projects, hey that is part of retirement. If you break yourselves down trying to get ready for retirement and when that day finally comes, then low and behold the body can't work much anymore. It is worth it.

That place of yours there I could see puttering there for years on little projects here and there. Since I like ponds I would have one or two out there in a few years where I could go fish my own place if I wanted. Little wildlife areas, plantings etc. You got a billion ideas I am sure. Go fishin, or just go enjoy the beauty of the river and it's critters. Such a kick. I can see Mark building bird houses for every nesting species in the area. putting them all over the property. But those rock projects, fences etc things like don't really need to be up right off the get go do they? Our family cabin was 90 years old and we were still working on different rock projects, of course it is about 98% rock and 2% little rock which we call soil there. So if you wanted to plant something it became a rock project. lol

nuff of this, all I can say is please just don't hurt yourselves trying to get all this stuff done before you move. I have read you saying it, this 60 stuff sux. Yes it does, and for some reason I don't think it gets any easier either. Over do it now the sux curve goes up really fast, spread it out slowly and smartly, it goes up but at a livable and enjoyable pace.

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    Yes DNR came in an figured what it will cost to thin and limb up 20.4 acres this time. We split the cost. The program pays for half. It isnít cheap either, but we are trying to slowly get the timber... more
    • Re: Answers to — Hawg Haul'r, Sun Jun 3 2:18pm
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