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Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:57pm

We arrived home on Monday,after being at the property for two weeks.
We had the concrete patio area poured, put up 50 feet of 7wire fencing, over a hill from the gate.
We now have 1,260 feet finished. Ready for power!!!
Still have 4xís that to do!!
Will work on more in the fall. Getting to close to fire season now.

Got everything weed whacked and it actually hailed , the Sunday before we left. Never seen hail the size of small marbles. I was worried it was going to damage my truck.

We went fishing, two days.
First day I caught 3 walleye. A 19 inch, a 15 inch and the smaller one was between 10-11 inches. Hubby got skunked and caught a branch.
Had walleye for dinner that night, with left over fish sandwiches the next day.
Second day, we arrived at our fishing spot, to figure out I forgot the worms.
So we motored over to the property and hubby climbed up the rocks and retrieved the worms from the 5th.
I stayed with the boat and timed him.
Took him 20 minutes to get back to the boat.
Good thing we didnít have to go back to the boat ramp and drive back to the property, to get the worms.

A bad storm came in and blew us off the water.

White caps and our boat isnít big enough to be out in that.
16 ft Lund.

Had one heck of a time getting the boat on the trailer.
Didnít catch anything.

Next trip we will only be there for one week.
Going to finish painting the under part of the roof, thatís over the 5th wheel side, paint the trim and get the metal edging on the roofing.
So we will finally be done with the roofing.

Also put a new vent fan inside the roof of the 5th.

Do more mowing and weed whacking.
I swear that stuff grows so fast.

Iím going to paint all the wood holding the two power boxes, to match the patio paint.
Not sure we will have enough time to get a day of fishing.

In the fall we will make another two week trip and get some fishing in.

Both the dogs are getting a bath tomorrow.
These dogs have never been this dirty.

Oh I weed whacked the field fence line and forgot to put deet and a hat on. I freaked when I got a tick in my hair!!!

From that point on, I put so much deet on , like spraying perfum everywhere. Lol
Dogs didnít get any ticks.

All the animals, at the property, seem to be doing well on the cameras. Only have one deer that has bad mange. Not sure if it will make it.

Saw 5 puppy coyotes, on our access road. So more coyotes. :(
They are so cute, when they are babies!!! Why canít tgey stay that small.

Hope everyone is doing well. :)

    • Sounds like2lbgill, Mon Jun 18 10:50am
      a good time work and play......... Some of the deer at this time of the year look pretty rough when they lose their winter coat, we have a couple here that look rough like that. Walleye are great for ... more
      • Stories???? Hawg Haul'r, Thu Jul 26 8:06pm
        Man we have the new Love Boat to the east which should be the fish killing machine of the East. The homesteaders should be rested up from the last trip an probably have gone on several since then and ... more
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