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Hawg Haul'r
Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:06pm

Man we have the new Love Boat to the east which should be the fish killing machine of the East. The homesteaders should be rested up from the last trip an probably have gone on several since then and haven't heard anything from then. Well my report is the same. Did the same thing today as I did yesterday, a week ago, a month ago a year ago. So there a go. Wellllll, lets hear it???

  • Sounds like2lbgill, Mon Jun 18 10:50am
    a good time work and play......... Some of the deer at this time of the year look pretty rough when they lose their winter coat, we have a couple here that look rough like that. Walleye are great for ... more
    • Stories???? — Hawg Haul'r, Thu Jul 26 8:06pm
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