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Fri Aug 3, 2018 11:09pm

You are right!! Weíve been back to the property twice since last report.
Work work work and................ are you ready???????????
We are in the process of purchasing 5 more acres, that boundaryís our west side of lots 2 and 3.
It has 490 feet of waterfront 1310 boundary, just like our 2,000 ft on lot 1

It also gives us better road access to the lower sections of lot 2 and 1.
Along with that, the lot gives use road easement to a big sandy community beach!!! Itís a win win getting this.

Will make the total property at 63 acres with 2,490 feet of waterfront 1310 boundary on Lake Rossevelt.

Got the second, of three lots , paid off and have 4 payments left on the 3rd lot.

And..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:) I am hoping to be an owner of a brand new either F250 or F350 around Christmas. Thatís after we pay that 3rd lot off.

Last trip workedon spray painting more of the roof over the 5th wheel area, weeding the new section of the road that the weeds were taking it over. That was 8 hours of hand weeding in 82 degree temps. We put the easy-up and carried all the way along where we were weeding.
Then hubby sprayed the whole road and the 1/2 mile easement road to the highway.

Hopefully wonít have to weed that new section again.

I have to tell you something funny.

Hubby took my truck and the backpack sprayer out to the road, to spray.
After I finished weed whacking and mowing I walked out to were he was.
He did not see me arriving , as he was listening to music with his headphones and spraying.

So I jumped in the truck and took pictures of him dancing to the music!!! Lol

When he ran out of spray, he headed back to the truck and I slid down, in the seat, so he couldnít see me.

When he got beside the truck I jumped up and yelled BOOOO! He almost had a heart attack!!! Lol
He says he owes me now!!!! Oops

Anyway I stayed out there two hours with him and kept the truck ahead of him, so he didnít have to keep walkong back to get the truck.

We have a new small fawn and a new cub on camera pictures.
Havenít caught the 5 new coyote pups on the camera yet.

Canít wait to get back over there and see whatís on the camera.

Here at home we had a record 99 degree day and last week in 90ís. Was too hot for this side of the mountains.
Couldnít get the house cooler then 78 degrees during the day and put the dogs in the tub several times.
Hubby ordered a big indoor airconditioner, thatís on rollers and it was a life saver. I kept the house at 69 degrees during this last week of heat.

Iím looking forward to 70-75 degrees coming back and we need rain real bad!!
Iíve been watering every night, for 1 hour, to save the plants and vegetable garden

We just finished the strawberries and sugar pod peas. Now getting green beans and tomatoes.
Potato plants doing great along with all the herbs, lettuce and rhubarb.
I have onions also.

Had to go see surgeon. Have a bump ,the size of a golf ball, start growing on my left shoulder blade , toward my spin.
Pretty sure itís a fatty tumor. Will have it removed in October.

So we are mighty busy. Next trip the grandkids and daughter in law are coming with me and the dogs.
Hubby not going on that trip.

Hope everyone is staying cool. Last week it was 104 degrees at the property.
Not going over till itís back in low 80ís and itís high fire season now.

Canít wait for fall. :)

    • Sounds 2lbgill, Sat Aug 4 7:54am
      like you are having a lot of fun work, but all worth it in the long run. A good retirement place with all of that frontage.
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