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Friend could use some
Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:50pm

Just got an email from our property neighbors, that we are purchasing 5 acres from.

They’re up at that Boyd’s fire, just north of the property.

They are evacuating their father-in-law, his stuff and animals.
The 3,000 acre fire is heading right at him.

Please say some prayers for everyone being evacuated and also ask God to please give some relief with rain.

We have a fire 1 hour from our home too.
It’s over 1,000 acres and growing.

This is one of the worst fire seasons I’ve seen and the air looks like fog.

Washington, California, Oregon and all western states are burning up.

    • Re: Friend could use someHawg Haul'r, Fri Aug 17 2:11am
      It has been a bad year. On July 27th, the US went to level 5 preparedness which doesn't happen very often. But that mean that all resources are in use to fight fires, no reserves left. Heck that mean ... more
      • LotsFires, Fri Aug 17 10:57pm
        Dang state is burning up and all news shows is news about the President. Shgheeeesh I just received an email from our friends. Here’s the email: We fought the fires and spread gravel about 6 feet... more
        • FriendsProperty, Sat Aug 18 12:07pm
          My neighbor says his father-in-laws property is located: His place is up Deadman creek road, you gotta cross over the bridge from Kettle toward orient. So it’s right in that Boyd’s fire area. :(... more
          • Re: FriendsHawg Haul'r, Mon Aug 27 12:05am
            Hopefully all was saved. I think things have quieted down over there some and they are getting a handle on most of the fires are the state. Tho a few news pop up but not like before. We had rain... more
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