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Hawg Haul'r
Re: Friend could use some
Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:11am

It has been a bad year. On July 27th, the US went to level 5 preparedness which doesn't happen very often. But that mean that all resources are in use to fight fires, no reserves left. Heck that mean secretaries could be out working the fires. The reason why Level 5 was reached was do to the fires om OR, ID and CO. CA and MT were list as 'emerging'. But the only fire we heard about in the news was CA's fires do to houses burning and people getting killed. At that time there were over 2000 fires in the western US and 2 from MT East and I am not kidding. BC was burning as bad as we were. There was 60 major fires in WA, OR, CA And that was and 'emerging' state. This doesn't include all of the state, crews let alone the local and volunteer crews. You can only put so many people out on fires you still have to protect towns and people homes. No the military has be activated and are being train to be put om the fires. We have international from Australia and New Zealand and others I am sure. There was as a special on TV with a crew from Samoa I that is right. I guess they sign the whole time they are on the job. When hiking in, working and hiking out they sign. The last I heard the Fire across from Kettle Falls wasn't any buildings lost, maybe an out buildings, but I hadn't heard anything for a day or do. How are did your neighbors father-in-law make out. Property and animals make it OK? I don't think we have burned the acreage that burns in 2015 when there was over a million acres but number wise this has got to be pushing a record. It is crazy. 17 new fires, visible fires were started a couple of nights ago from the lightening that went though just north on Winthrop. It is smokey over here is sucks. lol A little better today. I think the air quality went from deadly up a notch to near deadly. lol. The fire near Banks Lake, Grass Valley fire grow to 30,000 acres in an afternoon or something like that. at one point it was 12 miles wide. Level 3 in Grand Coulee. That was nuts. Looking at the current fire map. There are two fires east of your property. One is about 8 miles away Dunn Ridge Top Still small but has been burning for 5 days, the other appears to from a car accident on hwy 395 but if it is a fire it gets listed. Nothing close by. Unless there is some freaky winds you guys should be fines. The Boyds fire by Kettle falls is listed at 3065 acres. There are 2 fires a much smaller one to the north of the big one. Probably a spot fire from the big one. Do you know where their property is. It reached the river in 3 places. But a lot more open land than land burned near the river though. Hope an pray all is ok. Must still be burning good, there is still nearly a 1000 people working it.

  • Friend could use somePrayer, Tue Aug 14 2:50pm
    Just got an email from our property neighbors, that we are purchasing 5 acres from. They’re up at that Boyd’s fire, just north of the property. They are evacuating their father-in-law, his stuff and... more
    • Re: Friend could use some — Hawg Haul'r, Fri Aug 17 2:11am
      • LotsFires, Fri Aug 17 10:57pm
        Dang state is burning up and all news shows is news about the President. Shgheeeesh I just received an email from our friends. Here’s the email: We fought the fires and spread gravel about 6 feet... more
        • FriendsProperty, Sat Aug 18 12:07pm
          My neighbor says his father-in-laws property is located: His place is up Deadman creek road, you gotta cross over the bridge from Kettle toward orient. So it’s right in that Boyd’s fire area. :(... more
          • Re: FriendsHawg Haul'r, Mon Aug 27 12:05am
            Hopefully all was saved. I think things have quieted down over there some and they are getting a handle on most of the fires are the state. Tho a few news pop up but not like before. We had rain... more
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