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At the
Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:15pm

Hubby didnít come this trip.
My daughter-in-law and two grandkids are here with me.
Hubby at home

Smoke is horrible right now. Turned the airconditioner on and moved inside.

Today we visited our neighbors winery. The owner was showing the kids the different grapes and letting use taste ripe ones.

He has 30 varieties of grapes.

The grandkids played with their cat and dog too.

He invited us into their home, which is built under ground. The kids got a kick out of that.

Sure hope this smoke gets blown out of here, cause right now the wind is coming from the north. Can barely see across the water.

Was 91 degrees yesterday.
Havenít had time to look at the pictures from the camera.

Took everyone to another neighbors place and got 65 gallons of water. Then put 1/4 of it in the little swimming pool I have here for the grand kids. They had a ball in the water.

We plan to go to a beach once the air gets better.

Today the grandson got nailed by a yellow jacket.
Finger doubled in size.

Grandma to the rescue. Got the stinger out. Put ice on it and dug out the anti sting stuff. Itís ok now.
Felt so bad he got stung. Lots of screaming and tears from him. :(

I have yellow jacket, hornet and wasp traps hanging but they came after him.
So I got the can of spray and sprayed the whole roof. Hopefully they will go away. I canít find any nests.

Stay tuned for more trip info. :)

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      Wind out of the north, bad news with all the fires in BC. They had over 600 burning. It cleared up fairly well here for one day but now it is real smokey again. Probably the BC fires as well. Things... more
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