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Hawg Haul'r
oh smokey fun
Sat Aug 25, 2018 4:35pm

Wind out of the north, bad news with all the fires in BC. They had over 600 burning. It cleared up fairly well here for one day but now it is real smokey again. Probably the BC fires as well. Things have been fairly quiet but wind did pick up yesterday so there may have been some growth. I haven't seen any briefing the last day or so.

The trip the the winery sounds like a kick. Lots of grapes, I'll bet the grand kids loved it. Heck I would have liked too. Would have been fun to taste the different flavors. The underground house would have been cool too.

Well at least the kids got to play in the pool. Bummer the poor little guy got stung tho. Baking soda works great. Those dang yellow jackets seem to be very aggressive this time of year especially when it has been very hot and dry. Aggressive is that they are more bold and will try to eat you food while you do if eating outside/ Being meat eaters any thing walking is a target. Though they will not attack, it is still stepping on them, I get stung in the hand and fingers if I had eaten food and didn't wash my hands very well. I say they are meat eaters and they are but they do like their sweets too. So things like watermelon this time of year and kids don't get the juice off them or their hands are prime targets. That yellow jacket could have been just after a drink of water too if he had been in the pool too. But getting nailed in the hand it generally a food residue thing. And you can never feel them crawling around until it is too late. Also don't look up for yellow jackets. They are ground dwellers. Paper wasps and other types of wasps will hang out in the eves and above ground. But yellow jackets are ground dwellers. If you find a couple of them buzzing around try to watch where they go. Thing to to do is to get a fish and set it out a ways away from your place and watch it. When that yellow jacket gets a chuck off try to follow it or note what direction it is going. And head in that direction and keep watching. You should find where their nest may be. Usually in the ground but they will nest on the ground like in a shed but on the floor or very low.

Well smoke and smoke and more smoke. I haven't checked air quality today. Don't wanna know. We have had the worst air in the state for to many days. Here or Chelan it seems. Air may not get better until the snow flies. Oh boy eh. I think it is just 1.2 a cigarette per breath today instead of a full cigarette. Some days it is nearly chewing the stuff. Campfire in the house. But no fire to toast the marshmallows for the S'mores.

Sounds like you guys had some fun anyway. Even tho it wasn't the best time to be outside. But grapes, the pool, a dog and a kitty and grandma, heck you all had fun. :)

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    • oh smokey fun — Hawg Haul'r, Sat Aug 25 4:35pm
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