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Trip report
Part 2
Sat Sep 1, 2018 10:29pm

Update part 2

We were at the property for nine days.
The air was bad when we arrived, and it became hazardous a couple days.

During those two days we were either inside the 5th wheel,in air conditioning, or in the truck going store shopping inside.

We also drove around to help me find places like: the hospital, library, gun club and playground parks for the grandkids.

On days the air wasnít so bad, we took the kids to playgrounds after trips to town for groceries.

My granddaughter went down a tube slide so many times that her hair had static in it.
Looked like she stuck her finger in an outlet. Lol.

One day we went to a pizza shop and had good pizza.

The grandkids brought their bikes and scooters.
Road them around on my dead brown grass, inside the fence area around the 5th.

We went on two logging road walks.
I bought the grandkids whistles, so while they were outside the white fencing they had to have the whistles on. Just in case the coyotes came around.

They were able to see a few deerís and a herd of turkeyís.
The turkeys were running away from us and looked like little dinosaurís running.
Kids laughed at that site.

Grandson helped grandma with emptying poop bucket. Lol
I thought he was going to puke!!!!
We have one of those Cabelas shower/toilet tents for our potty chair with bucket, outside.

One rule at the property is NO toilet paper in toilets and no poop in 5th toilet.

Of course both had to learn the lesson and go toilet paper retrieving. Lol

Letís just say a lot of gaging was heard, but they never forgot again!!!

We played the bean bag toss game and another game called foxtail.
Several times the foxtail had to be retrieved out of a tree.

Hubby had put together the frisbee golf game, previous trip, so I taught the kids how to throw a frisbee.

Had a lot of toys and crafts to keep them occupied and the grandkids were pretty good.

Evenings ,after the kids were in bed, daughter-in-law and I sat on porch.
We either had a glass of wine or a glass of White Russian and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I joked with her that the grandkids were driving me to drink!!! NOT!!!

I was not sure how I was going to do, with 9 days @ 24 hrs with the kids.

We had a few problems, but over all the grandkids were pretty good.

She and granddaughter slept on the couch. It folds to a full bed.

My grandson slept on hubbies side of the bed with a king pillow dividing the bed.

First night he fell off his side of the bed. Good thing it was only 2 feet to the floor!
One night he got sideways and had to turn him back the right way.

Another night he tossed in his sleep and thumped my back with his hand.

Sleeping with little kids is like sleeping with wild animals.
They sure do squirm a lot!

One day I was checking the cameraís and was startled by a movement on the gravel road. It was about two feet from me.

I screamed when I realized it was a BIG snake.

Usually Iím not scared of anything, but I thought it was a rattler.

Was brown color and 4 feet long. It was a diameter larger then a quarter.
I stopped, it turned toward me when I screamed.

With a calm voice I told it to just go on or it was going to be a dead snake.
It turned and headed toward the field.

When I got to the 5th, I looked it up on the internet.
It was a bull/ gopher snake. Non venomous to humans.
Those things can get 7 feet long.

Iím just glad the kids werenít with me.
Iíve eaten Boa snake in the Panama Canal Zone. It taste like chicken. Donít think you can eat this kind.
I prefer he go eat all those gophers out in the field.

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      want to look at one one of those incinerator type toilets that burns up everything and runs on propane. Just a thought....
      • Already On it!!, Tue Sep 4 10:09am
        Yep, we are planning on building a 12x14 movable shed. It will contain the 350 gallon water tank, my old washing/dryer, a shower, sink and a composting toilet. In the process of doing research on... more
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