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On it!!
Tue Sep 4, 2018 10:09am

Yep, we are planning on building a 12x14 movable shed.

It will contain the 350 gallon water tank, my old washing/dryer, a shower, sink and a composting toilet.

In the process of doing research on finding the best one.
Anyone know anything about them, please post what you know.

Once the shed is built, life will be a little easier and we won’t have to drain our big tank, before winter, anymore.
The building will have power and we can keep it heated.

  • You might 2lbgill, Tue Sep 4 9:37am
    want to look at one one of those incinerator type toilets that burns up everything and runs on propane. Just a thought....
    • Already — On it!!, Tue Sep 4 10:09am
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